Are you an alumnus or an alumna of Beckum-Stapleton?  Leave comments and shoutouts below, or contact the Beckum-Stapleton office to reconnect!  
Notable Beckum-Stapleton Alumni:

Devin Harris – Dallas Mavericks Professional Basketball

Eddie Roundtree

Sharon Shead – Coach

Al Johnson – Coach

James Spence – Team Manager

Cornell Jackson – Team Manager

Clifford King – Team Manager

Terry Dorsey – Major Player Agent

Esau Lever – Alumni Board

Policeman – Jeffrey Watts

Jeffrey Spence, Milwaukee Public Schools Board Director

Aderman Willie Wade

Alderman Joe Davis

Alderman Willie Hines    President Common Council

911 W. Brown St.
Milwaukee, WI. 53209
Tel.(414) 372-5794
Fax.(414) 372-5160

3 Responses to “ALUMNI”

  1. Kenneth Huff Says:

    Kenneth Huff – I remember playing little league during the time Mr. Bean and Mr. Graham coached the Jets and they ruled Beckum league until I along with others from my neighborhood joined the Angels and we won Beckum league three out of my four years.

  2. david huff Says:

    I remember stopping the jets winning streak with a dominating pitching performance.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Dwan Scott- Ironic the Huff brothers reply back to back. I remember being glad you, Kyle Fisher & Lamont were on the Angels. lets see Dean Washington & his cousin Tyrone Cole who lived a block from me near Sherman Park. We could have beat some high school teams I played against. I hope one day we have a Beckum Stapleton Hall of Fame. IM sure the Huff brothers will be first ballot, was a great experience brothers.

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